Refund Policy :-

We have a 100% refund policy, which means if an order isn’t fulfilled we return you all of what you have been charged. If the wrong product is received or the shipment is delayed or shipment is not received, in that case the due amount will be charged back to the originating credit card bank account or else you can ask for a re-shipment.

The refund depends upon the shipment method you have opted for.

Express shipping means that the parcel is traceable and we can do tracking. If the parcel does not reach within 15 days after shipping for Express Shipment, you can ask us for order tracking. If we cannot show that the parcel was dispatched to the address that was given for the order, we will impose the refund. Or else if you ask for the reshipping we will fulfil that.

Shipping Policy:-

EMS (Fast shipping):-

Charges $26.00 – (9-16 working days)

Tracking Status immediately available.

We DO NOT ship to P.O Boxes

Registered Post:-

Charges $19.00 (13-22 working days)

Tracking information will be available on request.

We DO NOT ship to P.O Boxes

If for any reason your order fails to arrive within 21 days of estimated time or it is unable to locate your shipment, you should notify the pharmacy about this at the earliest.

If the parcel is not located, the credit will be charged back to your credit card, equal to the amount of your item purchased, or a re-shipment will be sent to you.

Security and Privacy Policy:-                        

At healthcurerx.com we use SSL encryption technology. This technology is the ultimate to secure the data transfer. It is impossible to intercept or steal credit card details while it is being transferred. We store this data in the secured database. We protect the important customer information from online threats.



All the necessary steps are taken care of to secure the transactions done in between healthcurerx.com and the customer. We give prime importance to the hard-earned money of the customer. The credit card data is stored in the encrypted form in a discrete and secure database in restricted areas.

Only authorized employees are allowed to access the personal information of the customer and only if it is required.

More primarily, we have a 3D-secure/Verified-by-VISA PCI compliant payment processor. It is highly responsible for collecting and transmitting all sensitive payment information. The payment processor follows all the credit and debit Card Industry’s security standards (PCI DSS v1.2). We don’t collect and store any of your payment details. This procedure is completely and solely handled by our PCI complaint payment processor.

Employees at healthcurerx.com are strictly prevented from accessing customer information without any compulsory reason. In case the employee even tries to accesses the customer information without any necessary reason he/she is immediately caught by our automated system and dismissed from the job without any prior notice.